The Iacona Farm is a long-standing family company that has produced exquisite olive oil with the most ancient traditions. The olives used to produce Olive and Earth’s unique olive oil are organically grown & harvested off of the coast of Southern Sicily, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.

With the salt and closeness of the Mediterranean creating a bountiful soil, along with the specific olive trees used in production, our incredibly sought after olive oil is crafted. This delicate combination creates a distinctive flavor and texture: from a light and buttery savor to a faint peppery taste, oil making can be compared with the art of wine making and the different array of techniques used to create specific flavors you will now enjoy.

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Olive & Earth

Ultra Premium Extra Virgin Italian Olive Oil



Olive & Earth is an ultra premium olive oil. Our oil is a versatile oil which will boost garden-fresh seasonal salads, and heighten the flavors of your garlic and herb grilling marinades, Hearty dishes, red meats, wild game and grilled vegetables, dressing vegetable and seafood salads, steamed vegetables, vegetable soups, and hummus.




Produced in Sicily with Hand Selected Olives Grown on the Iacona Italian Estates


Cold Pressed, Pesticide Free Farm, Non-GMO Trees, Gluten Free


A Healthy Essential for Your Life


Produced with Ancient Traditions for You to Now Enjoy


Robust: As you top your favorite dish and taste the oil you will realize the extraordinary flavors from a light buttery Olive ending with a Peppery finish.


Classic: An exceptionally smooth oil with a magnificent buttery olive flavor. Perfect for making salad dressings, finishing chicken, Caprese and putting on your favorite dish.

Organically Grown & Harvested


Distinctive Flavors & Texture: From a Buttery Savor to a Peppery Finish

Olive & Earth Ultra Premium Olive Oil
375ml - 12.7 fl oz Bottle




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